UNITE Clear Dry Shampoo 5oz/142g
U:DRY Clear Dry Shampoo
U:DRY Clear Dry Shampoo
U:DRY Clear Dry Shampoo
UNITE Clear Dry Shampoo 1.5oz/42.5g

U:DRY Clear Dry Shampoo

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On-the-go or just a quick touch up, the answer is clear – U:DRY Clear dry shampoo keeps natural oils in check, plus neutralizes odor, leaving styles refreshed, reset, and residue-free. U:DRY Clear dries invisible making it ideal for people with darker roots.

• Daily use (or as needed) for all hair types
• Absorbs oil and refreshes hair
• Sprays on clear - ideal for darker roots
• Safe for extensions & chemically-treated hair
• Paraben free + vegan
• Mineral spring scent

Cruelty Free

How To Use:
Use on dry hair only. Shake can well. Using a sweeping motion, spray evenly onto roots 4 to 6 inches away from scalp. Massage in at roots using fingertips or brush. Style as desired.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Whitney A.
Not the Best

Maybe it's just me but this dry shampoo doesn't do much for my hair. I have naturally wavy natural blonde but treated hair. I've tried 10+ different companies dry shampoos and haven't found one I liked. I love unite's products though.

Anna L.
Works fine - strong fragrance

I ordered this online. It seemed to work fine as dry shampoos go but the fragrance was too strong for me so I couldn't use it personally. I was very impressed when I asked to return it. Customer service was very kind and refunded me and told me to keep or give away the product. I would recommend they list all of the ingredients on the website and make them easy to find. I looked and couldn't find "fragrance" anywhere but also couldn't find a full ingredient list.

No build-up

I've tried a lot of dry shampoos, but this one didn't make me look like I dumped flour on my head ... and didn't build up, making it hard to brush through and disperse. Will def be re-ordering and recommending to itheothers!

The trio of dry shampoo

This trio is great! Will buy again!

Boys too

My teenage son has been struggling with greasy hair for the last year with no change in sight as we've tried different shampoo solutions. In comes Unite Dry Shampoo. Not only do I notice a huge difference on the days he uses the product, but overall oil production seems to be down. Having very fine, longer style hair cut, lite brown color, the Extra Absorbing has been great.