Orders & Shipping

Can I modify/cancel my order after it’s placed?

No, once you place an order we are unable to make any changes. Our team quickly begins fulfilling your order to get you your products as swiftly as we can.

Oh no! My address is incorrect on my order. How can I fix this?

Time is of the essence! If your information is incorrect please contact salessupport@unitehair.com within one hour of placing your order to update the shipping address.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs can vary depending on the order dollar amount. For more information on shipping rates please refer to our Shipping & Returns policy here.

Which carrier does UNITE use for shipping products?

Your orders are shipped via UPS.

Does UNITE ship to military addresses?

No, we do not currently offer shipping to military or P.O. box addresses.

How long will my order take to get to me?

Your U.S. order should arrive within 5-9 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). Shipping may vary during high order volume times.

What do I do if my package shows as arrived but I didn't receive my order?

Don’t panic! Some carriers will show “delivered” when the parcel arrives at the local facility, but have not yet completed delivery to your door. Please allow for up to 72 hours for the package to be delivered.

If you do not receive your order after 72 hours, please reach out to us at salessupport@unitehair.com.

What do I do if my package/products arrive damaged?

If your package/product arrives damaged, please file a claim with the shipping carrier (UPS) within 72 hours of receiving the package. After you file your claim, reach out to us at returns@unitehair.com with photos of the damaged goods.

Can I receive promotional pricing on an order placed before a sale or promo?

No, promotional prices cannot be applied to previous purchase(s).

Can I use a discount code on top of a sale or promo happening?

No, offers cannot be combined with any other discounts, promo codes, promotions, or affiliate/referral discounts. Offers also do not apply to taxes, or shipping and handling charges.

Returns & Exchanges

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Does UNITE accept returns?

For return inquiries please reach out to returns@unitehair.com.

Does UNITE accept exchanges?

Yes, we accept exchanges if you have received the wrong product and/or if the product arrived damaged or defective.

Unite Pro Rewards Program

What is the PRO Rewards Program and how does it work?

PRO Rewards is a loyalty program that allows PROs to earn Backbar Dollars based on their monthly purchases. The more you spend each month, the more you earn. At the end of each month, PROs are awarded a Backbar Dollar code to redeem in our PRO Rewards Store.

Do I need to sign up for the PRO Rewards Program? 

No need to sign up, all you need is access to our PRO Shop. If you’ve purchased products this month you may have Backbar Dollars already in your account waiting for you! Check your dashboard for more details through your account page here.

Why should I participate in the PRO Rewards Program? 

So you can get rewarded for shopping! The PRO Rewards Program is FREE and easy to use. Effortlessly turn your monthly purchases into Backbar Dollars that you can spend on backbar and station products.

I’m a stylist, can I still participate in the PRO Rewards Program? 

Yes, anyone that shops PRO is automatically in our PRO Rewards Program and can earn Backbar dollars to spend on backbar and station products.

How do I earn Backbar Dollars?

Earning Backbar Dollars is easy - all you have to do is shop. At the end of each month you’ll be awarded a Backbar Dollar code to use in our PRO Rewards Store based on your monthly spend level. To learn more about our PRO Reward levels click here.

How will I know when I have earned Backbar Dollars?

We’ll keep you in the know. Each month you will receive a few status updates to show you where you are, what you’ve earned, and how much more you need to spend in order to get to the next level. You can also check your status here.

How will I receive my monthly Backbar Dollar code?

If you have earned rewards, you will receive a backbar code via email on the first of each month. These codes expire 30 days from when the email is sent.

How do I redeem my Backbar Dollar code?

Using your Backbar Dollar code is easy! Simply visit our PRO Rewards Store here to shop all of our backbar and station products, then use your Backbar Dollar code at checkout to redeem your rewards.

Can I redeem my Backbar Dollars as soon as I earn them?

No, Backbar Dollar codes are rewarded at the end of each month.

Can I break up my Backbar Dollar code into several purchases?

No, your Backbar Dollar code is only valid for one purchase and will expire after use or after 30 days.

Can I spend my Backbar Dollar code on non-backbar items?

No, Backbar Dollars can only be used for items in the PRO Rewards Store. You can still add non-backbar items to your cart at the same time, but the code will only apply to backbar items.

Does my monthly Backbar Dollar code expire?

Yes, Backbar Dollar Codes expire 30 Days after they are first issued.

What happens to my reward balance at the end of each month?

Your PRO Rewards balance resets to zero at the beginning of each month. You are then able to start earning more Backbar Dollars to spend in our PRO Rewards Store.

Where can I find my PRO Rewards balance and monthly spend?

Your current balance and purchase activity can be found on your dashboard on your account page. You can access it here.

I just made a purchase but don’t see it reflected on my account dashboard?

No need to panic, it may take up to 24 hours for a sale/reward to reflect in your dashboard. If after 24 hours you still don’t see your rewards reflected, please contact our customer support team here with your order number.