UNITE BLONDA Oil Back Bar Item/Not For Resale 4oz/118ml

BLONDA Oil Back Bar Item/Not For Resale

UNITE BLONDA Oil is specially formulated just for blondes. This deeply hydrating oil shines, seals, and protects hair from frizz, heat & UV damage. It quickly smooths dry and damaged ends, and reduces blow-dry time. It's a must-have for all blondes and a must-must-have for bleached blondes!

Delivers a high-gloss finish
Strengthens & repairs
Smooths & softens
Eliminates frizz & flyaways
Prevents heat/UV damage
Absorbs instantly
Reduces blow-dry time

On Damp Hair — Apply to damp hair before using heat tools for moisture, shine, and protection.
On Dry Hair — Apply to dry hair to eliminate frizz and seal dried ends.