UNITE Salon Intro

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Want to give your retail area a significant boost in sales? Then our SALON Intro Kit is the perfect fit. It features a complete assortment of our line, including all of our top-selling formulas and systems, plus over $600 worth of backbar/station products and reusable retail bags.


3 7SECONDS Shampoo 10fl.oz/300ml
3 7SECONDS Conditioner 8fl.oz/236ml
3 7SECONDS Masque 4oz/113g
3 7SECONDS Detangler 8fl.oz/236ml
3 7SECONDS BlowOut Crème 7fl.oz/207ml
3 7SECONDS Glossing Spray 6oz/170g
3 RE:UNITE SILKY:SMOOTH Cleanse 10fl.oz/300ml
3 RE:UNITE SILKY:SMOOTH Conditioner 8fl.oz/236ml
3 RE:UNITE SILKY:SMOOTH Seal 6fl.oz/177ml
3 RE:UNITE Shampoo 10fl.oz/300ml
3 RE:UNITE Conditioner 8fl.oz/236ml
3 RE:UNITE Treatment 4fl.oz/118ml
3 U:DRY Clear Dry Shampoo 5oz/142g
3 U:DRY Plus+ Dry Shampoo 5oz/142g
3 U:DRY High Dry Shampoo 6.7oz/284g
3 U:DRY Fresh Dry Conditioner 3.2oz/90g
3 BOING Curl Shampoo 8fl.oz/236ml
3 BOING Curl Conditioner 8fl.oz/236ml
3 BOING Curl Leave-In 8fl.oz/236ml
3 BOING Defining Curl Cream 8fl.oz/236ml
3 BOING Moisture Curl Cream 8fl.oz/236ml
3 BOOSTA Shampoo 10fl.oz/300ml
3 BOOSTA Conditioner 8fl.oz/236ml
3 BOOSTA Thickening Crème 4fl.oz/118ml
3 BOOSTA Volumizing Spray 8fl.oz/236ml
3 BOOSTA PLUS+ Hair Serum 2fl.oz/236ml
3 LAZER Straight Shampoo 10fl.oz/300ml
3 LAZER Straight Conditioner 8fl.oz/236ml
3 U LUXURY Pearl & Honey Shampoo 8.5fl.oz/251ml
3 U LUXURY Pearl & Honey Conditioner 8.5fl.oz/251ml
3 BLONDA Toning Shampoo 8fl.oz/236ml
3 BLONDA Daily Shampoo 10fl.oz/300ml
3 BLONDA Daily Conditioner 8fl.oz/236ml
3 BLONDA Oil 4.23fl.oz/125ml
3 WEEKENDER Shampoo 8fl.oz/236ml
3 LAZER Straight Relaxing Fluid 8fl.oz/236ml
3 CREAMY Paste 2oz/57g
3 EXPANDA Volume 8oz/227g
3 ELEVATE Mousse 6oz/170g
3 BLOW&SET Lotion 8fl.oz/236ml
3 U Oil 4fl.oz/118ml
3 SMOOTH&SHINE 3.5fl.oz/100ml
3 LIQUID Volume 4fl.oz/118ml
3 BEACH Day 8fl.oz/236ml
3 TEXTURIZA Spray 7oz/198g
3 TEXTURIZA Texturizing Foam 5.2oz/198g
3 MAXCONTROL Spray 10oz/284g
3 GO365 Hairspray 10oz/284g
3 SESSION-MAX Hairspray 10oz/284g
3 LE:PLAY Hairspray 10oz/284g
3 GONE IN 7SECONDS Dark Brown/Black 2oz/57g
3 GONE IN 7SECONDS Medium Brown 2oz/57g
3 GONE IN 7SECONDS Light Brown 2oz/57g
3 GONE IN 7SECONDS Auburn 2oz/57g

1 7SECONDS Shampoo 33.8fl.oz/1L
1 7SECONDS Conditioner 33.8fl.oz/1L
1 7SECONDS Masque 16oz.454g
1 BOOTSA Shampoo 33.8fl.oz/1L
1 BOOTSA Conditioner 33.8fl.oz/1L
1 BLONDA Toning Shampoo 33.8fl.oz/1L
1 BLONDA Daily Shampoo 33.8fl.oz/1L
1 BLONDA Daily Conditioner 33.8fl.oz/1L
1 LAZER Straight Shampoo 33.8fl.oz/1L
1 LAZER Straight Conditoner 33.8fl.oz/1L
1 RE:UNITE SILKY:SMOOTH Cleanse 33.8fl.oz/1L
1 RE:UNTIE SILKY:SMOOTH Conditioner 33.8fl.oz/1L
1 U LUXURY Pearl & Honey Shampoo 33.8fl.oz/1L
1 U LUXURY Pearl & Honey Conditioner 33.8fl.oz/1L
1 WEEKENDER Shampoo 33.8fl.oz/1L
50 UNITE Retail Totes One Size

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